The Bible Is Not the Word of God in Many Particulars.




In addition to the contents which follow (and other writings contained in volume II of True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus), Jesus has delivered a wealth of information concerning the Old Testament of the Bible through a second mortal instrument, Dr. Daniel G. Samuels. During the years 1954-1966, invaluable information was given by Jesus concerning the prophecies of the Old Testament which pointed to his coming, as well as additional truths about his life and public ministry.

The Divine Love—the Essence and Substance of the Creator—was foretold in the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, all of whom knew that God would bestow a New Heart upon mankind and render His children incapable of sinning. As a boy, Jesus studied the Scriptures closely, the Divine Essence already burning in his heart as the direct result of his constant longing for at-onement with our Heavenly Father. His soul senses had awakened to the reality of the Father's Love and Its Qualities, and had become a repository for the Truths inherent in this Divine Substance.

As he reached manhood, he was increasingly conscious of his soul's possession of those qualities which the prophecies had foretold would be shown by the Messiah. He didn't begin his public ministry, however, until age 33, at which time the complete transformation of his soul into the Divine Nature of the Father took place.

These truths and countless others concerning the Old Testament have been compiled into sermons by Jesus which are available under the title, “76 Sermons on the Old Testament of the Bible." The writings referred to above, revealing further truths about his life and public ministry, are available as “New Testament Revelations." Three of these, Nos. 4, 5 and 20, dealing with Jesus' Messiahship and the false doctrine of reincarnation, have been incorporated into this volume. —The Editors.

Chapter 16 - Table of Contents

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