There are not too many words that instill such an emotional response as "angels". Most people feel warm and protected when they think of angels. Angels are our holy protectors, our guides, they create extraordinary experiences in our ordinary lives. They help us and love us even when we feel unworthy of their love. They look at us and care for us as their very own children.

Who are the angels?
Well, it may surprise you to know that angels were once mortals like you and me. They have since been transformed by God's Divine Love into Celestial Angels. Jesus was the first soul to experience this transformation. And he has been working hard to teach and assist others in their transformation from being created in the image of the Father, into being at-one with the Father.

"I am now working as I did on earth, though in a little different way, to show men the way to God's Love and eternal life, and to assure them that the great Divine Love of the Father is waiting for them to have it flow into their souls and make them at-one with Him."
Jesus of Nazareth

 There are other angels who have not experienced mortal life on earth. However, not much is known about this other class of angels, as they do not seem to make themselves known in the Celestial Kingdom.

"...all angels in His Kingdom, which is ruled over by Jesus, are the spirits of mortals who once lived on earth, and not what the Old Testament refers to as angels. I am informed that there are beings who never had the experience of living in the flesh. I have never seen any of these angels, and I don't know where they live; but Jesus says they are a distinct class of God's Creation, and are separated from the heavens that he rules in."
A Celestial Angel - Ann Rollins

How can you become a divine angel?
There is only one way for you to become a Celestial angel - through prayer - prayer to God for His Divine Love. Did you know that you could become an angel while still on earth?

"As the prayers of the sincere, earnest soul ascend to the Father, that soul becomes opened up to the inflowing of this Love. The soul's perceptions then enlarge and come more in rapport with the conditions of influence that always accompanies the presence of this Love. Accordingly, its entrance into the soul becomes easier and, in its reception, more perceptible to the soul sense. The more earnest the prayer and sincere the longings, the sooner faith comes. And with this faith comes the realization that the Divine Love is permeating the soul.

When the Divine Love once finds a lodgment in the soul, it becomes, as it were, a changed substance to the extent that it receives the Love and partakes of the essence of that Love. And as water may become colored by an ingredient foreign to itself, which changes not only its appearance but also its qualities, so this Divine Love changes the appearance and qualities of the soul. And this change of qualities continues ever thereafter. The natural qualities of the soul and the essence of the Love become one and united, and the soul is made altogether different in its constituency from what it was before the inflowing of the Love but this only to the extent of the Love received.

As this Love increases in quantity, the change and transformation become correspondingly greater. Finally, the transformation may and will become so great that the whole soul becomes a thing of this Divine Essence and partakes of It's very Nature and Substance a being of divinity."
Jesus of Nazareth

Get started today!
Why wait? Begin your journey toward everlasting peace, harmony and love today. You are a beautiful child of God who is loved and cared for more than you realize. Come to understand your true relationship with God and the wonderful Gift that He is offering you. We are human because we have a choice - a choice to either accept or reject the Gift of God's Love. What will you decide? Click on the picture below and discover a wonderful way to start your journey. Jesus provided this prayer to all of humankind to assist them in their soul progression.



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