The words "Divine Love" have been used in many contexts to convey different meanings. But in the context of our Heavenly Father, Divine Love is the greatest gift in all the universe. It transcends all else that can assist humankind fulfill their dreams of happiness and have them resolved within themselves. God's Divine Love is the one thing in all of God's infinite universe that can bring about eternal life and everlasting happiness in the Celestial Kingdom.

What is Divine Love?
The Divine Love differs from the natural love of man with which he was endowed when created, which belongs to all humans, and which they all possess in a more or less perfect condition in this: that the Divine Love is that Love which belongs to or is a part of God, possessing His Nature and composed of His Substance, and which, when possessed by a human soul to a sufficient degree, makes him divine and of the nature of God (reference).

What is the New Birth?
The New Birth is simply the effect of the flowing of this Divine Love of the Father into the soul of a man and the disappearing of everything that tends to sin and error. As the Divine Love takes possession of the soul, sin and error disappear. It, the soul, becomes of a quality like the Great Soul of the Father. And with the Soul of the Father being Divine and immortal in Its quality of Love, so, when the soul of man becomes possessed of this quality of Love, the soul being the man, this soul becomes divine also. Then, the image becomes the substance; the mortal becomes the immortal; and the soul of man, as to love and hope, becomes a part of the Father's Divinity (reference).

How does one receive the Divine Love?
The only way is simply this: that men shall believe with all the sincerity of their minds and souls that this great Love of the Father is waiting to be bestowed upon each and all of them; and that when they come to the Father in faith and earnest aspirations, this Love will not be withholden from them. And, in addition to this belief, that they pray with all the earnestness and longings of their souls that the Father will open up their souls to the inflowing of this Love, and that then may come the Holy Spirit to them to bring this Love into their souls in such abundance that their souls may be transformed into the very Essence of the Father's Love. The soul who will thus believe and pray will never be disappointed, and the Way to the Kingdom will be his as certainly as that the sun shines by day upon the just and unjust alike.

Take the test.
Too often we are told to believe something based on what we are told. You don't have to "believe" anymore. Now you can have physical proof of the existence of God and His Love for you? Here is what Jesus told the Hebrew rulers:


"test my teachings that the Fatherís Love was now available, and pray for it to the Father in earnest prayer, and see whether, if this was done in sincerity, the Fatherís Love, conveyed through the Holy Spirit, would burn and glow in the soul, by which sign they would realize His Love was present therein."
Jesus of Nazareth

Take it to heart - earnestly pray for God's Divine Love and feel the glowing of His Love in your soul. Jesus gave us this prayer to help us in our prayers to the Father.

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