Welcome to our international church without walls. We invite all to browse our web site, for offered here for your spiritual enlightenment are some of the most wonderful, contemporary angelic revelations from the spirit world that presently exist in written form in all of recorded literature.

What does our Creator seek from His children here on earth and in the spirit world? What happens after you die? These and many more questions are simply and thoroughly answered herein, thanks be to the great entourage of angelic communicators who have made these revelations available to us through crystal clear mediumistic channeling of the highest receptive order. You have undoubtedly heard the invitation, "Seek and ye shall find!" We sincerely believe you need not look any further for answers to the many questions your souls have been earnestly seeking. Welcome, seekers! We love you all as our dear brothers and sisters in the one family of God!

Jesus speaking to the Chief Priests and Hebrew Rulers.

"...if they wished to ascertain the Truth of my words, they should try and test my teachings that the Father's Love was now available by praying to the Father for It in earnest prayer, seeing whether, if this was done in sincerity, the Father's Love, conveyed through the Holy Spirit, would burn and glow in the soul, by which sign they would realize His Love was present therein."

Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Vol. I, Page 48

Our Heavenly Father is a God of Love and He welcomes all of His children into His Arms of Love. He desires that none of His children become lost, but that they all find and receive His Divine Love through prayer.

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