Vol. I


Jesus of Nazareth Selects James E. Padgett





John, the Baptist, Is Now the Harbinger of the Master, as He Was on Earth. He Confirms Jesus' Writing Through Mr. Padgett.

John, The Baptist

August 10, 1915      

Jesus of Nazareth, in One of His Early Writings, Tells James E. Padgett Who He Really Was, and Tries to Correct Some of the Misconceptions That Exist About Him in the New Testament.

Jesus of Nazareth

September 28, 1914  

Jesus Is Anxious That Mankind Should Stop Worshiping Him as God. God Alone Can Forgive Sin. Jesus Corrects a Passage in the New Testament Dealing with Forgiveness.

Jesus of Nazareth

December 25, 1914  

The Necessity of Faith and Prayer in Doing the Work. Mr. Padgett Is Jesus' Chosen One to Do the Work.

Jesus of Nazareth

April 22, 1917

Other Spirits Affirm That Jesus Wrote.

Paul, John, James, ...

April 22, 1917

Jesus Is Bestowing His Love and Care upon James Padgett.

Luke, The Apostle

April 22, 1917

Helen Padgett Affirms That the Celestial Spirits Signed Their Names.

Helen Padgett

April 22, 1917

The Only Prayer That Man Need Offer to the Father.

Jesus of Nazareth

December 2, 1916

Faith and How It Can Be Obtained.

Jesus of Nazareth

October 10, 1915

The Reasons Given by Jesus as to Why He Selected Mr. Padgett to Do the Work of Receiving the Messages.

Jesus of Nazareth

October 25, 1918

The Efficacy of Faith in God.

John, brother of James and Apostle of Jesus

September 26, 1915

Jesus Says His Mission in Writing These Messages Is His Second Coming on Earth.

Jesus of Nazareth

December 2, 1915

James Was Overpowered by Jesus' Great Presence.

James, The Apostle

December 2, 1915

The Master Showed His Great Power and Glory.

John, The Apostle

December 2, 1915

Mr. Padgett's Grandmother Affirms That the Master Wrote with Such Power and Force.

Ann Rollins

December 2, 1915

Mr. Riddle's Affirmation That Jesus Showed His Glory.

A.G. Riddle

December 2, 1915

An Apostle of Jesus Wishes to Add His Testimony to the Truth of the Messages Being Received from the Master and the Celestial Spirits. He States That He Was the Son of Mary and Joseph, and a Brother in the Flesh of Jesus, and That the New Testament Account of His Parentage Is False.

James, The Lesser

October 8, 1915

What Is the Reason That Mortals Will Not Seek the Love of the Father, but, Rather, Endeavor to Believe in the Creeds and Sacraments of the Church to Which They Belong or Are Affiliated With?

John, The Apostle

June 4, 1917

What Will Be the Religion of the Future, and a Comprehensive and Final One, Founded on the Truths That James E. Padgett Is Receiving.

Jesus of Nazareth

November 6, 1917



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