The church has taken great pleasure in publishing Godís Divine Truths, as revealed by Jesus of Nazareth, and others of the highest angels of the Celestial Kingdom, through the past automatic writing mediumships of Mr. James E. Padgett and Dr. Daniel G. Samuels. As of December 2005, the church has published a total of four books, each reflecting a unique description of the Divine Truths and the lives of spirits in the spirit world and Celestials in the Celestial Kingdom.
<<The book covers shown with a darker background to the right represent publications from other Divine Love ministries. While they are not published by the FCDT, they nevertheless represent unique presentations of angelic messages received by Mr. Padgett.>>


Table of Contents


Jesus and others tell of the Good News, as taught by Jesus and his disciples while on earth. The first part, "Eternal Truths", contain the bulk of the messages and discuss:

  • Jesus of Nazareth selects James Padgett;

  • The laws of rapport and communication between spirits and mortals;

  • The truths surrounding the birth and life of Jesus of Nazareth;

  • The true Atonement;

  • The true Nature of God;

  • The Divine Love of God and the new birth of the soul;

  • The Kingdom of the perfect natural man - the Spiritual Heavens;

  • The True Kingdom of Heaven the Jesus taught on earth - the Celestial Kingdom;

  • The soul of man;

  • Sin and error;

  • Judgment - the Law of Compensation and forgiveness;

  • The True resurrection;

  • The truths of the spirit world.

The second part, "The Authenticity of the Bible", contain messages discussing:

  • The Bible is not the Word of God in many particulars;

  • Truths concerning the Old Testament;

  • Truths concerning the New Testament.

The message of these writings is one of Love and Hope for the seeking soul, expressed in simple language, leaving no danger of misinterpretation, and no need for guesswork.

Table of Contents


This volume is composed of two parts. The first part, "Eternal Truths", contain the bulk of the messages and discuss:

  • The truths surrounding the birth and life of Jesus of Nazareth;

  • Spiritual laws;

  • The true Nature of God;

  • The importance of prayer;

  • The Divine Love of God and the new birth of the soul;

  • The natural love of mankind;

  • Sin and error;

  • Incarnation of the soul;

  • Creation and fall of our first parents;

  • The continuity of life after death;

  • The truths of the spirit world.

The second part, "Contemporary Misconceptions", contain messages discussing:

  • Corrections in the Orthodox Christian Doctrine

  • Corrections made in other doctrinal systems:

    • New Jerusalem Church

    • Disciples of Christ Churches of Christ

    • Seventh-Day Adventists

    • New Thought

    • Christian Science

    • Reincarnation and Theosophy.

Table of Contents


This volume contains messages which are focused on the errors, facts, and new and additional information that relate directly, in some cases, and indirectly in other cases, to the contemporary versions of the New Testament of the Bible. The first section contains "Revelations" received through the medium of Dr. Samuels:

  • Defects in the New Testament relating to Jesus' birth and early life;

  • Jesus' boyhood in Egypt;

  • The relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist;

  • The life and ministry of John the Baptist;

  • The coming of Jesus as the Messiah was predicted in the Prophecies of Daniel;

  • Discussion of Old Testament prophecies, characters and occurences;

  • Jesus proclaimed his messiahship in the Synagogue of Nazareth;

  • Why Jesus was not accepted as the promised messiah;

  • Jesus relates intimate facts concerning his biological father;

  • Jesus denies several miracles and incidents attributed to him;

  • Jesus corrects additional errors concerning his position on divorce;

  • Jesus explains his "Good Shepherd" sermon;

  • Jesus explains the significance of his "Wise and Foolish Virgins" and the "Prodigal Son";

  • Jesus affirms that he awakened Lazarus from an unconscious state;

  • What really occurred during Jesus' arrest at the Garden of Gesthemane;

  • The true facts concerning Jesus' trial and crucifixion;

  • Jesus explains the Eleventh Commandment;

  • The creation and fall of our first parents;

  • Jesus discusses the Omnipresence of God;

  • Jesus explains what the "Kingdom of God Within You" means;

  • Divine Love is a privileged Gift from God;

  • Jesus declares that spiritualism in and of itself can only achieve natural love satisfaction;

  • Jesus declares that the doctrine of reincarnation is false;

  • Jesus discusses the Oahspe Bible;

  • Jesus discusses spiritual healings.

Part II contains messages received through James Padgett:

  • Jesus explains the origin of life;

  • Truths regarding birth and life of Jesus of Nazareth;

  • The true mission, teachings, and events surrounding Jesus' ministry;

  • God is One and Alone - neither Jesus nor the Holy Spirit is God;

  • The trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus;

  • At-onement with God is the True Atonement;

  • Inefficacious rites, rituals and beliefs of today;

  • The true "Second Coming", Kingdom of God and the religion of the future;

  • Judgment, Hell, the "Second Death" and forgiveness;

  • Prayer is the way to God, the Celesital Heavens and immortality;

  • Immortality - the transformation of the human into the divine.

Table of Contents
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This volume contains messages focused on life after death. It is an excellent introduction to what awaits each of us in the spirit world. The authors and content of the messages are varied and cover a wide range of subjects. The book is divided into sections by the authors:

  • Helen Padgett (wife of the medium James Padgett);

  • Ancient personages;

    • Aman (Adam, the first created man);

    • Amon (Eve, the first created woman);

    • Aleyabis (follower of Zoroaster, a divine teacher of God);

    • Anaxylabis (designer of the great pyramid of Gizah);

    • Longiticus (ancient philosopher);

    • Leekesi (an Assyrian official);

    • Abdullah Ben Caliph (a Mohammedan Priest);

  • Historical figures;

    • George Washington;

    • Lot (Old Testament);

    • Saul (Old Testament);

    • Julius Caesar;

    • Nero (Roman Emperor);

    • The Wandering Jew;

    • Caligula (Roman Emperor);

    • King Herod;

    • Vespasian (Roman Emperor);

    • Constantine;

    • Queen Elizabeth I;

    • Galileo;

    • Napoleon Bonaparte;

    • Abraham Lincoln;

    • Grover Cleveland;

  • Philosphers;

    • Francis Bacon;

    • Socrates;

    • Plato;

    • Rene Descartes;

    • Benedictus De Spinoza;

    • Gottfried Leibnitz;

    • Immanual Kant;

    • Auguste Comte;

    • Samuel;

  • Religious figures;

    • Seligman (a Mohammedan);

    • Sarah (wife of Abraham);

    • Moses;

    • Aaron (brother of Moses);

    • Goliath;

    • Elias;

    • Lazarus;

    • Chrysostom;

    • Gregory (former Pope);

    • Los Trenos;

    • Martin Luther;

    • Loyola (former Jesuit);

    • Saint Salatia;

    • John Wesley;

    • George Whitefield;

    • John Newman (former Methodist Minister);

  • Authors;

    • John Bunyan

    • Emanuel Swedenborg

    • Thomas Paine

    • Ralph Waldo Emerson

    • Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    • Jay Hudson

    • Stainton Moses

    • Robert Ingersoll

  • Friends and Colleagues of James Padgett

  • Dark Spirits

  • Ann Rollins (Celestial Spirit).

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